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Hi there, you can call me Soph-I have a love of indulgence, all things unconventional and I believe that most rules are meant to be broken

Quick witted and disarmingly charming, I'm the type of woman who turns heads when I walk in a room. Emanating a harmonious blend of sophistication and approachability, my confidence and poise make me the perfect fit for any setting. Friends and lovers alike have described me as the Bond girl who may be the villain- a woman of many mysteries and intricacies, I love to keep people guessing and always wanting more. My striking appearance landed me a spot in American Playboy a few years back and I was even named a Playboy Muse once upon a time. But don't let the good looks fool you, behind my enigmatic gaze is a down to earth country girl who is unapologetically goofy, values authenticity, and never takes herself too seriously. 

Equal parts femme fatale and wholesome girl next door, I've got feminine wiles down to a science

A sybarite and epicure by nature, I have a deep appreciation for the arts and an obsession with good food. To me, food is not just sustenance but an opportunity for an intimately immersive experience and few things in this world rival the intimacy of sharing a meal with someone special. While it's true I have a passion for collecting Michelin stars (and hearts) around town I am never above a dimly lit dive bar with good vibes and even better company.

As much as I relish in the opulence and grandeur of life's indulgences, I remain grounded in the understanding that true beauty does not lie in possessions and things but in the richness of connections and experiences. I hold a strong belief in the significance of quality over mere abundance and I value meaningful relationships. I find solace in spontaneous fits of laughter, heart-to-heart conversations, and shared glances that speak volumes without words. My soul craves depth, and I am forever captivated by the vulnerability that comes with genuine connection.

Born and raised in a small town in northern California, I spent my formative years running barefoot through fields and gazing up at the stars, always dreaming of a life of excitement and adventure. Never that girl who followed the crowd, I learned early on to live out my mischief and embody fantasy- after all, what’s the use of imagination if not to inspire your reality?


I left home the moment I could and moved to the big city to pursue a degree in fashion from a prestigious art school which somehow turned into pursuing a degree in journalism followed by a degree in business and a brief stint as a biotech major. I spent most of college trying on different hats for size and fell into the intoxicating world of professional companionship somewhere between textbooks and internships.

I never could have imagined life would lead me here but, looking back, it's the only path that has ever truly made sense for a lifelong hedonist like myself. Curiosity fuels the very essence of my being, and my appetite for adventure knows no bounds. I delight in immersing myself in new cities, diverse cultures, and finding hidden gems all along the way. 

After all, it’s not just the marble hallways and glasses of champagne that ought to be celebrated, it’s the lazy Sundays and the moments in between too.

When I’m not on the arm of a lover or jet-setting around the globe, I enjoy sipping dirty martinis (three olives, always) from the corner booth of a chic hotspot, working up a sweat at my favorite Pilates studio, touring luxury real estate in the hills, and spending way too much money on shoes in true it girl fashion.


Like a single malt scotch and a cuban cigar I pair well with discerning, distinguished men who are interested in a true girlfriend experience and value building long term connections.




Early 30's


34F - 27 - 41

Dress Size


Shoe Size


Zodiac Sign


Myers Briggs




Coffee Order

Iced Oat Late

Drink of Choice

Dirty Gin Martini- 3 Olives

Favorite Food

Omakase + Mexican

Favorite Perfume

Killian's Woman in Gold

Favorite Flower

White Stargazer Lilies


late nights, silk dresses, sunsets, neck kisses, ocean views, classic cars, book stores, breakfast for dinner, sleeping in, stolen glances, the human psyche, astrology, architecture and design, Ayurveda, the  pursuit of the perfect dirty martini, rainy days, ambiance, the smell of cigars and leather, champagne bubbles, the corner booth, adrenaline rushes, handwritten letters, fresh passport stamps, perpetual self improvement, tasting menus, belly laughs, balmy summer nights, mid-century modern, making mixtapes, and collecting vinyls and vintage Playboys
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